Tank Jungle New Approach: Three Tank Jungle in ML

Tank jungle is a new approach that has taken over the world of Mobile Legends, which is always changing. This started with professional players in the 2022 season, and now it’s making news in ranked matches as well. If you want to get to the Mythic rank, buckle up because we’re going to talk about three tank jungle heroes that can help you win in the Land of Dawn.

Tank Jungle New Approach: Baxia: The Quick Hit

Baxia is very good at both speed and disturbance. His first skill, Baxia-Shield Unity, makes him a mobile force that can move around the map. This skill isn’t just for show; it changes the game in side lanes where it’s important to catch enemies off guard. The stun affect makes enemies weak, giving your team plenty of time to take advantage of their mistakes.

This is Baxia When it comes to his tools, Mark, his passive, is the unsung star. It’s not just about doing damage; you have to plan how to play too. Taking away 30% of an enemy’s HP and shields causes chaos in team fights, making Baxia more than just a tank.

Tank Jungle New Approach: Karina: The Assassin Who Became a Tank

The change in Karina from a straight killer to a tanky threat is truly amazing. The protective items give her a whole new play style as players try out different builds. Even though her base damage is already very high, adding tank items makes her a main crushing force during battles.

Her influence is clear from how popular she is in bans. Taking control of Karina means taking control of the battlefield if she gets past the part where she is banned. Her surprising flexibility and toughness make her a top choice for people who want to win ranked games.

Akai: The Fluxible Jungle Power

The fact that Akai changed from a wanderer to a flexible hero shows how the game is always changing. With his new skills, he’s a real threat in all roles, whether he’s in the EXP lane, the jungle, or roam. Body Slam’s change not only makes it easier to use, but it also sets up his ultimate, Hurricane Dance, which makes him a powerful crowd control move.

The thing that makes Akai special is how well he works with defense items. Because his damage skills get better as his HP goes up, choosing a tanky build will help him not only survive but also grow in the jungle. If you want a hero that is both fun and new to the strategy game, Akai is ready to shake things up.

Putting together your path to mythic

Making smart decisions is a big part of getting to Mythic in Mobile Legends. Karina’s surprising tankiness, Baxia’s speed and disruption, and Akai’s flexible playstyle all give players who want to reach the top ranks a lot of choices. The tank jungle meta is different for each hero. So pick carefully, adjust to the battlefield, and let the revolution continue as you reach Mythic VTBET rank!